Bob Dutko - Weekdays 10am to Noon
Bob Dutko is a leading voice today in the fearless defense of Christian truth, using logic, reason, science, history and factual evidence to disarm the critics and equip believers. He hosts The Bob Dutko Show, LIVE weekdays from 10:00PM to 12:00 PM on KKPZ. (877-828-2262) In addition, Bob hosts the nationally syndicated talk show the Bob Dutko News Hour heard from 7:00-8:00PM and Defending the Truth which we air from 3:00-4:00 AM and on the weekends.

Bob's mission is to show people that if you examine the Bible with logic, evidence, facts, science, reason, intellect and history, you will see that Evolution really is false, the Bible really is true, God really does exist, Jesus really is the only way and He really did rise from the dead, physically and historically.

Rose City Forum - Weekdays 12-1pm Rose City

The Rose City Forum has a brand new host! We'd like to introduce you to Pastor Tim Moore.

Tim Moore or "TeeMo" as he is often called, is a local church planter & the Lead Pastor of Impact Community Christian Center and Founder of Unlimited Capacity Ministries in Beaverton, Oregon Tim has a background in technical training and technical writing, food service, marketing and graphics & communication. As well as executive leadership in various christian ministries including short-term missionary and is currently serving as Vice President of Continents For Christ in Seattle, Washington.

Married 21 years to his wife Robin whom he met in California, where he grew up. The Moore's moved to PDX in 2006 with Robin taking a job with Nike while Tim went back to school at the Portland Bible College.

Tim holds a degree in Leadership & Biblical Theology.



The Good News with Angie Austin
Weekdays 1:00-2:00pm

"The Good News" is about encouragement, inspiration & HOPE. Most of the news we see and hear everyday can be down right depressing. Angie Austin worked in television news for two decades, and now she wants to focus on The Good News.

Angie worked in TV news for 20 years before making the transition to radio. Starting in 2001, Angie was the weekday morning anchor of KWGN's morning show called Daybreak. Before joining KWGN, Angie worked in California. She was morning anchor for XETV-TV (FOX) in San Diego, CA and weather anchor for KNBC-TV (NBC) in Los Angeles, CA. Angie also worked as an assignment editor for KNBC-TV (NBC) in Los Angeles, CA, as a segment producer and assignment editor for nationally syndicated magazine show EXTRA in Los Angeles, CA, and weather forecaster for KEYT-TV (ABC) in Santa Barbara, CA.

The Bottom Line With Roger Marsh
Live Weekdays 4:00-5:00pm

There's so much in the media about all of the problems in the world today; 'The Bottom Line' is about solutions. This isn't a question of 'Us vs. Them' anymore.

'The Bottom Line' features informative, topical and thought-provoking conversation to help listeners get a better understanding of why you believe what you believe, and how to live out that faith to help others.

Join in on the discussion by calling the feedback line at 800-227-2337 Ext. 311

Roger Marsh is a lifelong Southern California resident. He studied Business at Cal State Fullerton before attending what is now the Academy of Radio Broadcasting and launching his radio career in 1983. Roger tends to lean more on the conservative side of the political equation but is open to thoughtful (wise) and respectful (considerate) debate. Roger has been blessed with 3 children - two daughters in college and a son in high school.

Heart of The Matter
Sundays Live 3:00-5:00pm

Heart of the Matter is hosted by the "Americhicks" Molly and Kim. Our mission is different from other live talk radio shows in that we discuss the issues affecting our country in the context of the Constitution without using labels or rhetoric.

We think of it as "principles without politics" & "rant-free radio" for folks who don't like the divisiveness of typical talk radio.

Our goal is to garner the attention of busy individuals who don't have time to research the issues and are interested in a quick and easy way to access current political topics without the common political rhetoric. The objective is to help create an "educated and moral electorate" as outlined by our founders.

Molly is a 16 year consultant to financial advisors, small business owners and their employee's.

Kim owns a small business of women's clothing as well as being an elected member of the Lone Tree, Colorado City Council.

Join in the conversation each week by calling into the LIVE show 303-477-5600

Studio Line:
(503) 242-1330

Bob Dutko - Defending the Truth

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